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Industrial Area Hangar

This set is perfect for creation of locations in open areas, urban or industrial character.


Modular houses and hangar

Drilling platform

Few tanks

Containers of different colors

Railway carriage of different colors

Road modules

Modules of floor slabs

Few variants of lamp posts

few fences, metal and concrete

Piles of garbage

Concrete blocks

Garbage containers

Wall bracket lamps, turned on and off

Water heaters

Transformer poles, compressed air bottle in different colors, welder, industrial ventilation piping, few metal gates, modular building timber, wooden pallets, antennas for houses, decals of fallen leaves, puddles created with the help of vertex color technology, which you can add to the road, 3 trees of different height, reels with cable, rainwater pipes.

Technical Details

Number of Meshes: 138
Number of Materials: 61
Number of Textures: 199
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