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City Environment Megapack

SPECIAL OFFER 3 pack for the price of 2. Packs contain an city environment. Streets, buildings, roads, sidewalks. and much more

1.Middle East: Video overview of the project

This universal pack of assets is meant for creating Middle Eastern environments. This pack contains urban architectural environment that is specific to this region. Modular houses, interior design (no household items), roads, sidewalks, and vast variety of props. This pack of assets will be most helpful for creating your own location.

The pack also contains a sample environment that is available on the demo pictures and on the video.

Handy technical tips and tricks. All of the houses use bland materials. In order to make a variety of Textures, you should paint the tops in gradation of gray colors.

2.Hospital: Video overview of the project

The environment consists of the interior and exterior parts, modular system. The building contains 6 different floors, elevators, corridors, and a hall. There is also a modular road and the ground adjoining to the building.

IMPORTANT !! Trees are not included in this pack.

3. Industrial Area Hangar

This set is perfect for creation of locations in open areas, urban or industrial character.

IMPORTANT !! Trees are not included in this pack.

Technical Details

Texture Sizes: Up to 4096х4096

Collision: Yes

Number of Meshes: 430

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 323

Number of Textures: 827

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